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AJCA National Award Winners

Pennsylvania Jersey breeders have been faithful servants of the dairy community and developed some of the country's leading herds of Registered Jerseys. Many have been recognized for their achievements with prestigious dairy industry awards. Some of the most recent honorees are shown below. Click on their name for the full article from when they received their awards.

David Norman
David Norman

David Norman, Liberty
2019 AJCA Distinguished Service Award

Craig Rhein
Craig Rhein

Craig Rhein, Pine Grove
2017 AJCA Distinguished Service Award


H. Duane Norman, Ph.D. , Fulton, Md.
2012 AJCA-NAJ Award for Meritorious Service

Dr. Richard and Helene Z. Dreisbach
Dr. Richard and Helene Z. Dreisbach

Dr. Richard and Helene Z. Dreisbach, Mercer
2009 AJCA Distinguished Service Award

AJCA Young Jersey Breeder Recipients

The Jersey breeders listed below have been presented with the AJCA Young Jersey Breeder Award. Detailed articles on their operations can be found in either the May or June issues of the Jersey Journal of the year they received their award.

Matt and Alicia Derr, Linden (2019)
Jessica Peters and Cole Peters, Meadville  (2017)
Clayton and Renee Kenny, Enon Valley  (2017)
Adam Vance, Alverton (2014)
Jake and Kate Hardy, Belleville (2009)
Roger and Cathleen Alexander, Liberty (2009)
Mark and Shannon Gardner, Dayton (2009)
Charles and Amy Theobald, Waymart (2005)
Chris and Maggie Curtis, Corry (2005)
Joe and Melinda Vanderfeltz, Lawton (2003)
Paul and Carolyn Moyer, Roaring Branch (2001)

Douglas and Julia Martin, Chambersburg (2000)
Carol Greathouse, Sandy Lake (2000)
Thomas Arrowsmith, Peach Bottom (2000)
Craig Rhein, Pine Grove (1994)
Jeffrey and Janet Peters, Meadville (1993)
Glenn Kenny and Family, Meadville (1992)
David Greathouse, Sandy Lake (1989)
David and Robin Phillips, Mohrsville (1988)
David R. and Agnes Norman, Liberty (1987)
Brian Harris, Milan (1986)
Don and Angie Koontz, Bedford (1980)

National Leadership
AJCA Board of Directors

J. S. Campbell, Jr.                  Craig A. Rhein

Luke B. Carter                      Clyde S. Robison

Helene Z. Dreisbach           R. F. Shannon

Mark O. Gardner                 Charles L. Sharpless

Donald A. Koontz                Samuel J. Sharpless, President - 1868-1874

Charles Miller                       Joseph C. Sibley

David R. Norman                 W. S. Taylor

A. Pardee, Jr.                          L. H. Twaddell

Henry S. Redfield                  James Young

NAJ Board of Directors

John Bishop VI

Helene Z. Dreisbach

David R. Norman

Other National-Level Achievements

Madison Fisher, Newville
2019 Premier Breeder of the All American Heifer Show

Complete results for the 2019 All American Jersey Show and
2019 Junior All American Jersey Show are available on the Jersey Journal website.


Maria Noble, Gillett
2016 National Jersey Queen